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Do you know why shock absorbers are so important?

Update time:2022-09-08
Unexpected bumps on the road are enough to cause a fatal accident. Safety and prevention aside, another important aspect of the shock absorber is that it extends the life of the vehicle, ensuring durability and a relaxing driving experience.
Given the current importance, the demand for high quality continues to increase. Consumers are becoming more discerning in their patronage of automotive products. Quality and practicality are two (2) main factors to consider when purchasing a shock absorber.
In the early days, major roads and highways were characterized by poor conditions that prevented the driver from achieving balance and stability. In addition, such road quality can make driving difficult, not to mention the danger and danger that can come if the top speed is used. Early wagons had no control over speed, as they relied only on simple machines to generate friction, which, of course, might not have been able to withstand frequent road abuse.
Still, better road construction and technology paved the way for the development of more sophisticated shock absorbers. Hydraulics and more improved suspension systems have been added for better drivability.
How does this work? It is widely believed that shock absorbers are responsible for absorbing shocks. This is certainly not true. The truth is that it is the spring that performs the absorption. It just controls the movement of the spring.
From a technical point of view, it is a machine that balances or dampens shocks and distributes kinetic energy equally. In this case, inhibition becomes a valid word. Damping is the process of reducing spring oscillations or their repetitive motion. When the vehicle encounters a sudden bump, the springs tend to wobble; therefore, it is responsible for controlling these springs to achieve a steady state.
Consumers can choose from a variety of shock absorbers available in the market. Each is designed to meet specific needs. The first category is the standard shock. Standard shock absorbers are mainly used in light vehicles or cars that are unlikely to carry heavy luggage.
At the same time, there are heavy shocks. Obviously, these types are suitable for heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and jeeps, which are more prone to rough surfaces and challenging routes.
There is also automatic level control. These can be adjusted accordingly depending on the size of the luggage.
At the same time, if the vehicle is experiencing understeer or suspension problems, the use of overload shock absorbers is highly recommended.
Replacement As with tires, these car parts should be checked frequently to determine if they should be replaced.

product name:Shock Absorber
OE Number:52611-T7J-H01
Application area:Rear 
Applicable models:HONDA