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How to tell if the car shock absorber is broken?

Update time:2022-10-24
The safety and comfort of the car are important indicators for us to evaluate the quality of a car, and the contribution of the shock absorber to the safety and comfort of the car is indispensable. But if you drive frequently, or run off-road sections, it will have a great impact on our car's shock absorbers. The shock absorber is broken and you can feel it while driving. The stability of the vehicle is poor, and the car will shake up and down if the road surface is slightly uneven. When passing the circuit, it would stop once or twice, but now it takes three or four times to stop, and the amplitude becomes larger. This is a typical symptom of a broken shock absorber. How to judge that the shock absorber of a car is broken It is enough to know the status of the shock absorber only by knowing these two points.
The role of the shock absorber: From the name of the shock absorber, it seems that the vibration of the vehicle is mainly absorbed by the shock absorber, but it is not. When the vehicle travels on uneven roads, the energy generated by the vibration is mainly absorbed by the spring. After the spring absorbs the vibration, it will also produce a rebound shock. At this time, the shock absorber is used to slow down the shock caused by the spring. When the shock absorber fails, the car will not cause bouncing of the body due to the bouncing energy of the shock spring on the road, affecting the stability and comfort of driving. Simply put, the main purpose of a shock absorber is to dampen spring bounce and quickly eliminate body bounce. The shock absorber usually does not need maintenance. It only needs to be replaced when it is broken. There are two common damages. Shock absorber oil leakage and abnormal noise are the most common reasons for replacing shock absorbers, among which oil leakage accounts for the majority. Generally, when you go to the 4S shop for inspection, the oil leakage is the easiest to find. If the owner does not tell us about other reasons such as abnormal noise, the 4S shop will not give the test drive, and naturally it will not be found.
There are many reasons for the abnormal sound of the shock absorber. First, the damping of the shock absorber fails, which will cause no resistance or small resistance when the shock absorber descends, resulting in a head-on-head abnormal sound. The second is oil leakage from the oil seal of the shock absorber. Slight oil leakage will not produce abnormal noise and no feeling. However, the oil leakage is serious, resulting in less or no oil. It will produce abnormal noise when it works downwards. There is no shock-absorbing feeling. We usually talk about the softness and hardness of automobile shock absorption, which refers to the size of the damping force of the shock absorber. The greater the force, the harder the shock absorber. If the shock absorber is too soft and cannot absorb the vibration of the spring quickly, the body will jump up and down, and the adhesion between the tire and the ground will not be good, but the comfort of the car will be better. Use a softer shock absorber; if the shock absorber is too hard, it will bring too much resistance and hinder the buffering function of the spring, but the adhesion between the tire and the ground is better, so some sports cars or SUVs reduce vibration Both are hard.

product name:Shock Absorber
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