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Suspension & Chassis Parts of performance features and benefits

Update time:2023-03-17
The suspension of a vehicle is a complex system, working in harmony with braking and steering. It also works to minimize the impact of bumps, potholes, uneven pavement and other driving hazards.
A car's suspension is a set of mechanical connections, springs and dampers that connect the wheels to the chassis. It's responsible for absorbing the shock from a bump and softening the impacts of rough surfaces, while also keeping the tires on the road to help maintain proper wheel alignment.
Some vehicles have shock absorbers, while others use struts to support the coil springs. The latter is more common in many front-wheel-drive cars and trucks.

Struts and shocks are replaced in pairs when changing the front or rear suspension. Upper strut bearing assemblies may need replacing if they are rusted, loose or worn.
Sway bars are another key component of the front or rear suspension. They add lateral stiffness to the front or rear suspension, reducing body roll and improving handling.
Tires are an important component of the suspension, offering a wide range of performance features and benefits. Some are designed to offer excellent grip in dry conditions, while others are designed for a quieter ride and improved fuel economy.
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