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The Use of Shock Absorbers?

Update time:2023-05-12
Your tires are your only point of contact with the road, and any time that connection is broken, your ability to control your vehicle and steer it safely is compromised. Shock absorbers keep your tyres in contact with the ground at all times by controlling the movement of your springs and suspension.
The shock absorber is a hydraulic device that works to dampen or “absorb” the up and down motions of your suspension and springs by converting kinetic energy into thermal (heat) energy. As a result, your vehicle can travel over rough road conditions more smoothly, while maintaining good ride and handling characteristics.

There are several different types of shock absorbers; the most common is the telescopic type, which has evolved into the twin-tube design found on passenger cars today.
In order to perform its function properly, a shock absorber requires a certain amount of travel. If the shock absorber is not allowed to extend or compress far enough, it may damage itself by punching through its internal valving or damaging its mounting points. The popularity of lowering light trucks with “lift kits” often results in shock absorbers that are too short, which can cause the shocks to bottom out on compression or push through their mounts during rebound. This can damage the shocks, damage the mounting points and interfere with their performance.